Friday, 18 February 2011


So Beautiful B hates her's official, I mean she posted it on Facebook an' all!  Must be really serious.

Lord knows I have worked my little rocks off to afford her the best life I can and I go without so she gets.  Alongside the need to instil sufficient values in her early enough that one day she will spread her wings and fly far far away  not too far away (hopefully) which dictated the need to have her buying most of her "must have" non-essential clothes and to pay for Sky + and movies should she wish to have them. 

She knows she is loved, til all the stars fall out of the sky because lets face it, I'm safe in that little ditty because it ain't never going to happen until Armageddon and after a brief stint in pergatory a cult commonly known as Jehovah's Witnesses Armageddon is as likely as Santa being real. 

I make sure I tell her every day (if memory does not fail me which it appears to do with alarming frequency of late) you know, just in case, and because well every child should be told that every day so they know they are loved and adored.

Unfortunately, despite somehow managing to fetch up a wonderfully stable child to be a gorgeous confident young woman for whom boys will fall at her feet and I will kill every single one of them I cannot take away one heart ache, one that requires a post on Facebook so the whole world knows her pain........

......the heart ache that is ordering a dress for a party on Saturday and it arriving by post* and finding that it is too big.  Oh but for the joys of fat fighters working.....

*   after the first one not even making it to Royal Mail and Beautiful B explaining to the nice customer service lady at said useless internet website that she would purposely walk the whole of England to maim anyone that does not refund and reissue another dress like a further dress to be issued by next day delivery. I can only imagine where she inherited the inability to control her frustration from.....

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