Thursday, 28 October 2010

Today, I caught 3 dogs, a hamster, a giraffe and 2 elephants"

I quite like inventions that assist in my cleaning obsession regime.  Hubby regularly steers me away from anything with "NEW" splashed across it. 

Freddy fluff, the giraffe, moults like I have never seen.  The only other pet that could leave so many furballs around the house would be a persian cat - a cat he most certainly is not....

It can take an hour to hoover the stairs as not only does he moult at a mile a second, it sticks to the carpet like it's life depends on it.

So, when I discovered a new invention at the pet shop to get pet hair of the carpet, it went in the basket straight away.  Admittedly, I am strange - it's not normal to get so excited about something like that but Hubby knew as soon as I got through the front door that I had bought something new.  I think it was the manic shining expression in the eyes that convinced him.

The inventor may have been a window cleaner who owned a dog because "The Pet Magnet" looks like a window scraper type thingy and it works the same way - drag it across the carpet and it pulls the fur up for you to pluck off the carpet.  I was fascinated, the best invention I had found for a year.

I lined Hubby and Beautiful B up at the bottom of the stairs to show them how impressive I was.  The biggest reaction was a raised eyebrow and a shake of the head.

I went on a mad cleaning session, Hubby joined in if only to stop me working myself into a frenzy and claimed he dragged up all sorts of animals from the stairs.  I suspect he was secretly very impressed but could not be seen to be as impressed as he clearly was.

I now have a stock of them in the cupboard.

As you can tell, I am easily pleased.  The last time I was as weird was when I used Christmas money from everyone to buy a Dyson Animal hoover - advertised as good at picking up pet hair.

I lovingly (seriously!) unpacked it from the box, added the stairs attachment and set off on my mission.  I run in the living room shouting "You HAVE to get a load of this!!!!", dragged Hubby of the couch and made him watch a demonstration of just how fantastic the attachment was.  Cue, raised eyebrow but at the same time I saw the love and amusement in his eyes as though to say "...and this is why I love you so".

Said pet magnets are currently stored in the know, the one that is stuffed full of cleaning products (that are most certainly needed thank you!), patiently waiting for the day that the Dyson Hoover goes on strike and they are considered as important as they once were.

Little do they know, they will soon be needed.  We allow Freddy Giraffes hair to grow in Winter - after all, it's not fair to make him freeze just to protect the carpets.  They will pick up the worst of the tumbleweed to preserve the life of the hoover.

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