Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Time is Upon Us!

Just over 2 hours and counting.

The bags are packed.  I have packed emergency supplies of scarves and gloves and even a woolly hat - we are moving up the north end of the country for a few days after all.  The hot water bottle is studiously sat in the suitcase in case I get cold in the hotel.

You all think I am mad.  I would have to agree but for me I am being responsible; I have experience of that part of the country (well near it) when studying and more than enough experience of cold hotel rooms.

So yesterday, bills were paid, vet was visited, shopping was done, car was dropped off at the garage ( to find out how much more money we need to spend on it once we return from York) and Beautiful B and I went to the hairdressers.  I had the usual but am thinking of going from blond highlights to red streaks next month. 

I almost felt like I had bought a whole different person home.  Not only is almost all of Beautiful B's hair blond but she had a load whacked off it.  She looked at hair style magazines, found some she liked, stressed about having 7 inches cut off her hair.  Mum kindly took the books off her, browsed for a while and then said "What about this one?" Beautiful B said "Oooh, that's nice."  One wonders how she did not see it before, she had been looking at them for an hour.  She now looks (and if I am anything to go by, feels) like a new person. 

So, where was I?  Oh yes, bags packed which means the dogs are sulking and wandering around forlornly because they know that suitcases mean I am off on a trip.  Little do they know Hubby is going with me.  Beautiful B is looking after them this time:  I only hope she looks after the house the same way too.  Grampa is on standby to bob down the street and check on her a couple of times to make sure she is not throwing some wild house party or other similar heart attack inducing episode.

Hubby has packed most of his holdall.  It looks a bit daft - we are away for 3 days.  However, it means there is plenty of room for quaint Christmas decorations to make their way home to Blackpool with me.

Oh and the PS3 has been bought.  My mission to take over the house with blu ray games and films is afoot.  Now we just need the HD TV....

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