Sunday, 24 October 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous!!

I may have mentioned this before but I have no problem looking at other women and thinking "Wow! How gorgeous is she??"  Angelina Jolie is an often discussed subject and Hubby's friends are always commenting on how lucky he is to have someone who does not get jealous.  Mind you, the fact that they know they can ask me any question, no matter how rude, knowing I will answer it without batting an eyelid always helps. 

Suffice to say, the first time I met Hubby's best friends on a drinking session (after having been out with my friends for a few drinks which helped immensely), Sean enjoyed watching their chins hit the floor after he bet them they could ask me the rudest question they could think off and not make me blush, angry, embarrassed or upset. 

Cheryl Cole is the latest.  I think she is fabulous.  She seems down to earth but at the same time seems to effortlessly look damn good, all the time lol. 

Tonights episode of The X Factor was the latest episode of watching the TV and being amazed that she can wear some of the outfits she does and carry it off with such confidence and attitude.  Who else can strut around a stage with zebra type striped stockings and a jacket and get away with it. And don't even get me started on her legs - I could exercise 24 hrs a day for a year and not have legs like that! 

I can't find a picture of her outfit tonight but I like this one also!! 

I'm on a mission to lose weight and get fit.  If I can look half as good as this woman I will be over the moon.

One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, A, is the same.  She wouldn't believe it but she is the same - effortlessly gorgeous, tiny, petite with a pixie haircut that frames her face and gorgeous eyes so wonderfully.  I will have to send her the link to this blog, because she needs reminding a lot at the moment, just how stunningly beautiful she is, inside and out when both well and poorly.

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