Friday, 1 October 2010

All Things Gym

Jeez, she is going to drive us nuts with the gym!!  I won't....oh, maybe I will, just a teeny weeny bit.

So, since I was there last year it has almost trippled in size.  It takes a while to get round it - that's my excuse for not finding some of the new weight stations for nearly 3 weeks.  They weren't well hidden, I have to admit. 

I decided to be semi sensible and start off at my less than "jump in with both feet" speed and build up my exercise tolerance on the treadmill.  Then I worked my way to some of the weights that I used to use on an almost daily basis.  4 nights ago I worked my way round the other side of the weight stations and found the new stations.  One exercises the obliques, one the lower back and one the butt - Yay - all (all right, not all but my most stubborn) problem areas.

Beautiful B is busy now that college has started so between college, nursing placements, McDs and all the jabs she is being subjected to (latter being a whole other blogging session) she has missed a couple of gym sessions with me and is making up for them at different times than me.

I miss her, she does her own thing in the gym and I am glad - I don't understand the premise of going with a friend only to take turns on stations.  Surely that means you spend half of your time standing around doing nothing - is that a waste of valuable time or just me? 

Anyhoo, she wanders off, does her own things, wanders back for a quick smile and a wave and then goes off again.  She is that small that sometimes I wander round the gym looking for her like a little lost sheep and finding her hiding on a weight station - everyone else is tall enough that I can see their heads over them.

Maybe she leaves me alone when on the treadmill because I plug myself into my iPod and get my, often needed, fix of Morgan in Criminal Minds.  He is VERY fine!  I could watch him all day - the fact that I enjoy watching programmes about murderers and FBI profiling (because lets face it, in the pretend world all the bad guys get caught!) is an extra special bonus.

I am not obsessed yet.  Honest, I am not but now when I go I get a little flutter of excitement that I am off to the gym - I could say that is because I am going to spend a delicious 40 minutes with Morgan but I know that is not the only reason.  Sad?  Yes.  Bothered? Hell, No!

Beautiful B is working her little socks off at McDs all weekend after caring for our older generation in their homes (and loving every minute of their story telling) so I will have to enjoy my own company at the gym this weekend.  After all, no point staying at home as Hubby is spending it all watching the Ryder Cup. 

The only problem with all of this is that it may not just be the cost of the gym membership that I subject Hubby's bank account to but the cost of TV series downloads from Apple that I will need on a monthly basis.

Good job I work so hard earning half the money then.....


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