Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Shoes are Comfortable I tell you....

So, after Hubby tortured teased me last week about the pointless retention of shoes that I did not wear, I decided I would wear them and to work, no less!  Well, 2 pairs out of about 20 but you get the idea.  He even noticed I was wearing said gorgeous shoes and asked "Are they comfortable?"  I confirmed they indeed were.  They did remain comfortable for the rest of the day, they did - the almost Orlando temperatures sunny Blackpool has been experiencing of late did not cause my feet to swell later in the day at all, your honour....

In other news, these pesky migraines are driving me nuts.  The pills work but I seriously cannot take a pill every night before bed or the GP may begin to wonder if I have started experimenting in some black market sales.  I love the sun and the heat, I really really do but my brain obviously doesn't.

Hubby is away for 2 days, Cardiff and Bristol - one city is obviously not sufficient for him.  He returns on Saturday.  Now I am busy wondering what peskiness I can get up to in his absence.

You can almost guarantee that peskiness will translate, if only in part, to cleaning which is not really peskiness. 

Beautiful B starts her new job in 10 minutes.  She will be calling me on her new toy blackberry (not that I am jealous in any way, you understand) on the way home to tell me all about it.  Obviously when she informed me that this would occur she conveniently forgot that I would be at work.  I will forgive indulge her, it is her first day after all.

I may or may not post how exciting her day has been later today - depends on whether I need lots of alcohol after proof-reading annual accounts all day.

More brain dumps soon peeps.

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