Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ta Da

Having thought about posting for a while now, I have realised how long it has been.  You are unlikely to have missed me.  If you had looked for me you would have found me either buried in a book or behind a computer screen furiously catching up with nothing (otherwise known as reading and playing computer games). Except yesterday, when mid migraine I was furiously and regimentally cleaning house.  Why? I hear you ask.  Well, because that is normal behaviour for me peeps.

I caught myself last Saturday afternoon thinking "Mmmm, am I bored?"  After some semi serious consideration - come on, I was busy bopping rattle snakes on the head at the time - I came to the conclusion that no, I was just doing something different.  Well, different than studying. 

Have I got to the gym yet? Well no.  My excuses - only having 2% left on the sky planner, books to read and catch up on, games to play and catch up on and plenty of time spent with family and friends, yes some of it drinking. 

Will I get to the gym?  Definitely - Beautiful B has decided she will be joining me in the quest for perfection.  She has done this before, enjoys the gym though admittedly the endorphins do not roll off her as much as they do me when she gets started.  I am honoured that she does talk to me every now and then in the gym rather than just pretend that she does not know the freakish woman who reads a book while on the treadmill or bike or stair climber thingy.  Mind you, I can't complain - I pretend not to know her when she is watching her oh so silly soaps whilst on the machines.

I must prepare to vacate the premises.  I have just been informed that a burger and more vodka, lemonade and lime is waiting for me at our good friends K and M.  I do believe I am pushing the boat out seen as we were there last night drinking vodka in the balmy warm evening.  I do not accept I was a little tipsy but will admit I was acting crazier than I should have been for the amount of alcohol I consumed.  It was a wonderful night, even if I choose not to ignore the fact that Hubby made me cry when he managed to convince me that he had got rid of some of my pretty shoes because "I don't wear them very often."

I think he thought he was winning the argument discussion until he said that I should sell some on eBay and my gorgeous friend, K, nearly fell out of her chair in shock at his suggestion responding in a squeaky voice "You can't sell designer shoes on the Internet!!!!!".  He does not understand why we love these shoes when they spend so much time living in nice comfortable boxes that prevent them from harm for most of their blessed lives.  He can be forgiven, he is a man.

There was discussion around selling them at a local car boot, before the eBay suggestion.  My freakishness can be up for debate in a future post about how weird I think it is that people sell used shoes to others but I am going on record now to say yes I agree it is likely to be something to do with my foot phobia which is excessive and probably totally unnecessary. 

Anyhoo, peoples, I am off.  The alcohol and resultant migraine awaits.......

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