Sunday, 4 July 2010


Today I am grateful that my daughter is alive, that she is well and that she is happy and that she knows she is loved.  What I am not so grateful for is the symphony of World War III coming from her bedroom.  Why it sounds like she is repeatedly kicking the side of her bed is beyond me, other than the fact that she probably is.

Today has been a somewhat lazy day.  The normal Sunday rounds of visits to my parents and to Hubby's mothers for Sunday Lunch.  A complete blessing but sometimes I sometimes catch myself wanting to just be and not do anything or something different.  Sounds completely selfish I know.  I will be back to my normal self tomorrow.

Tomorrow I start the gym, prepare for hilariousness. 

Okay just had minor heart attack at a beastie walking across the keyboard unexpectedly.  Who knew spiders could move so fast????

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