Sunday, 5 April 2015

One day it's February and the next it's April!

My excuse - busy and tired. 

I've travelled all over the country and worked all hours.  I'm past the first week of a two week break from work and all I did the first week was sleep. Pesky brain shutting me down to rest. 

Finally I'm happy my house is clean again after having to rely on Hubby doing a bit here and there which never includes hoovering or polishing. Apparently it 'will only need doing again' for which we could use as an excuse to do nothing surely? I've given up trying to explain with a woman's reasoning. 

So much has happened that I don't feel I can talk about yet as I'm still trying to process and I'm trying to do one thing at a time rather than jump around numerous jobs at the same time. 

The dogs are looking very cute after a cut yesterday though I can see Cala's Puss in Boots begging eyes at me now all her hair has been cut off. I'm being very strong and not giving into her seem as she has to drop some weight on vets orders. 

We have Hubby's mum over for the weekend which means Easter eggs we would never normally buy each other and boxes of chocolates my hips (and everywhere else) doesn't need though I have to admit the Lindor Strawberry and Cream truffles are divine. 

Hubby has cooked a Sunday roast dinner so I am guessing it will be time for an afternoon nap soon. 

How have you all spent Easter? 

Abi sitting still for more than her usual 10 seconds. 

Cala - clearly her mum has been cleaning her eyes far more than is required! 

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