Sunday, 25 January 2015

With bated breath

As I type all 3 fluff bags are watching their Grandma eat toast and hoping that she will save them a sliver. 

Lily is disgusted, Daddy has just given Cala and piece and there is none to be seen for she and Abi. Little does she know that Daddy is buttering another slice in the kitchen. 

What he should have done was saved 3 pieces to give them all at the same time. You can tell he has never had more than one child to learn how you have to be fair to them all at the same time. 

At the same time I'm sat here harping on at him with 'It's no wonder Cala is fat!' Not that I have room to talk about being overweight. 

Now Grandma is passing pieces of toast out. I can see Cala's waistband expanding as I watch. 

I think I will have to alternate gym sessions with long walks round the trail so Cala gets enough exercise to start reducing said waistline. Mind you, I have reduced their food by 10g in the hopes that it compensates the human food they eat. I suspect it may compensate in only a slight way. 

Daddy has now given them all another slice and I have decided harping on is being ignored entirely. 

The little fluff bags are now hoovering up any crumbs they can find. After all, they have a whole 30 minutes to wait before Hubby starts the vegetables for the Sunday roast when they will be treated to some much loved raw carrot. 

All food gone and all 3 fluff bags have settled themselves around me with heads on my lap for a quick forty winks. 

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