Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Spare cables galore

I am a bit of a neat freak. Some would say a bit more than a bit. Cable management is something that occupies one of my nerves. 

I find spare cables everywhere. Probably because Hubby doesn't throw anything away and keeps cables when the electrical equipment they belong to are thrown away 'because you never know when they will be needed.'  

I have heard this argument before. For example; Hubby has a number of jumpers - enough for 2 neat piles on a wardrobe shelf. Except......I have seen him wear a jumper only once in 9 years!  

So I distinctly recall opening a drawer a few months ago when cables jumped out like they belonged in a Jack in the Box. I sorted the ones we needed and threw away the ones we didn't such as mobile power cables with attachments that no longer fit our phones. 

I know this is a dangerous thing to do. Evidenced by Hubby asking where one of his caps was. Of course I had 'no idea (on the local refuse tip) because he hadn't worn it for years.'  

Dad bought a new TV a few weeks ago. He asked if we wanted his old one. There was no way I was turning do a 42" smart flat screen TV. Our old one is now in the spare bedroom as it is too big for our bedroom. I phoned Sky because it gives me an extra box to record the multitude of programmes I watch. All was well. 

The new viewing card arrived and I was primed to set up the new TV.....

......no power cable for the spare Sky box. After all, I wasn't keeping ugly cables with the box which was nearly stacked in a cupboard because it would have ruined the neat organisation. 

Not only that no scart lead either. Evidently I had thrown them away when organising the spare cable drawer. Hubby was smart enough not to ask what had happened to the originals when I bought replacements yesterday. 

On the plus side you can buy a new scart lead with gold sockets for only £3 in one supermarket - what a bargain! 

Lesson learned?  

Label the cables so I know what they belong to before they go into storage. That's not a 'bit OCD' as someone has just claimed. It good management...... 

Anyone else thrown something away they shouldn't have done? 

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