Monday, 17 November 2014

Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming....

I don't need shops and supermarkets to tell me that Christmas is around the corner immediately after Bonfire Night.  What I look forward to is my first viewing of the Coca Cola advertisement with the great big red truck with flashing lights alongside the tune 'Holidays are coming....Holidays are coming'.

I'd like to say that I don't go around singing it for days afterwards but I do.  I won't say that it annoys Hubby but it does.  I won't say that this week while shopping in Morrisons I filled my trolley singing along with Christmas carols but I did.  

And I love it!

Hubby doesn't - he loves Christmas Day but hates all the fuss that goes on up to that day.  I do.  

How did we get together and adore each other so much.....

I ignore the 12 days before and after Christmas rule when it comes to decorating my house.  After all, it seems unfair to ask Hubby to take 20 boxes of trees and decorations from the attic and put the empty boxes back and then repeat the process just for 24 days.  So on the 1st December I stand at the bottom of the ladder gleefully stacking boxes as he passes them from the attic.  

Without a days leave it takes me two to put them all up.  Hubby doesn't help - he leaves me too it, wisely.

Each year I try, and mostly fail, to remember that the lights must go on the tree first.  I move things around the house to make room for Christmas trees and the rocking chair is consigned to our bedroom for the period of the 1st December to the 5th January.

Last year, I was frustrated at the inability to put up the Christmas tree in the dining room now that the replacement freezer is taller.  Removing the computer station is impossible and so this year again I may have to forgoe it.  However, Beautiful B could make use of it and the accompanying decorations for this year to remove the need and cost for buying her own.  She can then choose to keep it but I suspect, knowing my daughter, that she will keep the decorations and buy a new tree for next year.

Usually the Christmas advertisements from the big companies pass me by however this years John Lewis Christmas advertisement managed to get an 'aaaaahhhh' out of me.  A very clever and sweet advertisement where even penguins can yearn for love.

This year we are entertaining 5 people, well I do the entertaining and Hubby cooks; though I may attempt a nice desert for this year.  Cue plenty of practice and puddings for everyone else to eat in the run up to Christmas. Mum is staying with us on Christmas Eve and Day, Mum and Dad and my Aunty and Uncle will join us for Christmas Dinner.  I am sure I will have all sorts of items all over my bedroom as I remove them all from within the storage area under my bed to get to a table insert or two.

Beautiful B and Ryan are working on Christmas Day, the former looking after some of the ill folk in our society and the latter sending emergency services to people who need them.  I am so very proud of them both for giving up family time to help others.

Unusually I have only bought one gift so far which is more than niggling on my OCD nerve but finances and the urgent requirement for house repairs have gotten in the way.  Small gestures will have to surfice this year as our finances have been more than stretched; hopefully our friendship and love for family and friends will help make up for it until next year.

As Beautiful B and Ryan are working on Christmas Day they will have to visit us a day or so earlier so we can give them the present we have bought and when I can be ready with a camera to film the moment as I am sure that my Beautiful B will cry with joy.

This Christmas is going to be a good one; I can feel it in my bones! 

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