Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What I learned this week

This week has been a week of sun, rain and wind.  In fact, we went from a 30o sunny, glorious day to a flat out storm!  All I can say is that I am glad I had not fallen asleep on a sunlounger outside.
This weeks lessons include:
  • Not being able to put the degree where it should go in that top sentance makes me want to find a new blog provider because it is driving me slightly insane.
    When you switch from drinking Pepsi Max to Diet Coke it isn't too bad a switch; however switching back makes the Pepsi Max taste very odd;
  • I learnt that Hubby loves golf even more than I thought he did.  On discovering Hubby awake in the middle of the night and after asking if he was okay I got this response: 'Yes, but I can't sleep because I am so EXCITED.'  OMG!
  • Parrot plants do not like being drowned by the rain when I accidently leave them outside.  One of only two plants I have managed to keep alive I have murdered basically.
  • When my computer starts making strange whirring sounds and the screen goes completely white my heart will be in my mouth until the screen reappears.  At which point I will hit the 'SAVE' button repeatedly.
  • The dining room office door will open and slowly tap the catch repeatedly enough that I will eventually buy an actual doorstop instead of using a half empty bottle of car windscreen washer.
  • I experience an inner state of calmness after I have made the bed back up once Hubby has left it for the last time in the morning.  I say me because he would never think to make the bed.
  • I came to a slow realisation that there will be some mentoring of the Hubby once Beautiful B moves out so that he eventually thinks he decided voluntarily to do more around the house so that it is always clean and tidy.
  • Apparently, if I listen to Hubby and actually put some suncream on before going outside to read in the sun the clouds will appear and cover the WHOLE DAMN SKY.
  • When you wish your mum a happy 65th birthday she will ask you kindly not to remind her how old she is getting.
  • Trying to collect a pre-ordered item from Next when the sale is in full force is not the easiest thing I have done; akin to trying to find your way through a jungle without a machete essentially.
  • Watching Supernatural from the beginning reminds me just how much I miss it since Sky have deemed that it should not be aired in the UK this year.
  • I am going to have to find an online US store that sells Supernatural Season 9 in whatever region is needed to make it playable in the UK and buy it and get it shipped to me at whatever cost.
  • Strangely enough when I ask Hubby if he will buy me SIMS 4 for my birthday and he says no for the good of my health I won't feel upset or angry. I will live, breathe and eat SIMS for weeks by which time my already disabled hands will surrender.
  • His request to tell him what I want for my birthday will leave me completely stumped.
  • His offer to buy me an exercise bike for my birthday just goes to show that he has absolutely no idea how much they cost.
  • The idea of an exercise bike in what will be the spare room come September is a great idea but I would need a TV and DVD player to go along with it to stop me getting bored and ensuring there is any hope that I will stick to riding that bike.
  • I am going to have to stop calling the dining room the dining room because the only time it gets used for it's purpose is Christmas and it is now basically my office.
  • Along with the word 'brewery' I apparently cannot pronouce the word 'demure' easily either.
So what did you guys learn this week?

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