Thursday, 10 July 2014

Stuck inside on a gorgeous day

Hrumpf!  Already there is not a cloud in the sky and all I see are blue skies.  It is just before 6am and I have been awake since just after 4am so I figured I would do some work before I woke Hubby up out of his slumber.

We are planning a BBQ on Saturday for the family folks and so I have just checked the weather forecast for the next 5 days and wish I hadn't because what I see for today is a big yellow sun!  There is little chance of me being able to work in the garden because for some reason my broadband does not want to work with wifi on my work computer.

I am helping out a colleague today seen as there aren't as many bids as expected for my contract so the liklihood of taking a day off are nil!  I will see, however, if I can wrangle some work that involves saving documents to my desktop that I can work from and then I can sit in the garden.  

I am thinking I should get Hubby to put up the parasol on the table outside before I take him to work just in case! Because, yes, again I am taking him to work.  Turns out I picked him the wrong inner tube up for his bike so kind of my fault.   

Hubby was instructed last night not to come searching for me downstairs if he turned over and found I was not in bed this morning because he has a habit of checking I am okay.  I mean, what is going to have happened?  I have accidently slashed a main artery using a knife in the kitchen?  He does worry too much and let's face it he is the one that manages to slice himself open on stupid things such as blunt scissors.

I am awake early every morning, it is not unusual - I am a morning person.  Not an evening person; I am definitely one of those people you will see snoozing face down in their dinner in the nursing home in another 20 years and giving the nurses a run around at 4am each morning.    You could say that I get my best work done in a morning but that is debatable to be honest.  

As I am going to lose over an hour taking Hubby to work and then collecting him again at the end of the day I figured I may as well make the most of this extra time to do some work.  So far I have uploaded a copy of my expense receipts which I forgot to attach the first time I submitted them to my manager.  I have also completed my sick absence forms so that my manager can see if he can find a way around having to do all the work that entails giving me an oral warning for daring to take 2 weeks off work because I could not focus on a computer screen.  He is after avoiding the work more than I am not looking forward to having a warning on my record.  Prodocuctive then?  Not much.  However, it does mean I can get some real work completed when I get back from the work run.

It also means there is a slight hope of me finishing work earlier than expected tonight so that I can relax back on my sunlounger and read the latest Karin Slaughter book.....

Have a good day everyone.

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