Monday, 13 January 2014

Hiding under the covers

Not because I am scared. Having my face under the covers makes me feel suffocated so I'm more likely to cry if scared of monsters and boogymen. I'm under the covers with a gap so I feel I can breathe. 

It's 4.16am and I'm wide awake so I thought I'd write to u lovely folks and update my To Do list. Except now that Apple, in their wisdom, made their latest update white there is a risk of waking Hubby. So I'm under the covers with the phone. 

Not that he would go mad, angry mad, more that he would worry. Yes we all know he is not himself if not worrying about something, but I have given him cause this weekend. 

You see I'm still recovering from the trauma of returning to work post-Christmas and I arranged 3 nights of catch-ups with best friends back-to-back in my first week. That is never a good idea when your brain is reeling from having to think about hard stuff after spending 3 weeks worrying only about where the next piece of Turkey or satsuma is coming from. So by Thursday I was exhausted and by Friday I resembled something from The Walking Dead. 

Saturday and Sunday should have been days for chores but after the weekly shop they became days for game playing and, in Sarurday's case, an afternoon snooze of 2 hours. Saturday evening was a Sky Planner evening with my latest cross-stitch. All well and good, plenty of relaxation except I stitched away catching up all of the weeks programmes until 4.15am. 

As you can guess after turning over and finding an empty space, well more accurately 2 dogs making the most of the extra room, Hubby came downstairs asking if I knew what time it was at 3am - cue his worrying. 

I slept in on Sunday morning until 11am, understandable really, while Hubby prepared stuffed potatoes for lunch. Chores should have been commenced but Hubby believes in Sunday being a day of rest and sport. It's rare I will spend an extended period of sport watching if it isn't the Olympics, so I played a game, one game for over 10 hours obsessed with getting a gold cup on each level. By 9pm I was telling myself 'just 1 more level' but after a break while I listened to Beautiful B talk through a very stressful day and reminding her how good she is at her job (while massaging a numb 3 fingers) I went back to the game.  No-one ever said I wasn't dedicated when I wanted to be....

I came to bed at 1am and slept for 3 hours but despite Tramadol for the self inflicted pain, for which I will suffer the rest of the week, I was wide awake at 4am thinking of things to add to the To Do list and things that must get done today. Experience tells me I have to update that list or sleep with continue to be elusive. Yet, I am still awake. 

So I will now try reading my book and see if that sends me back to the land of nod for the last hour before I get up and help Hubby get ready for work. 

Today I will see how much of that To Do list I can clear around yet another GP appointment for blood tests and an ECG. 

Have a great Monday everyone x

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