Monday, 18 November 2013

What I learned this week.....the Sheffield edition

Monday was my first day in my new Commercial job. I am so very relieved to have a new job, so much so that when things didn't go right I just laughed it off.

*     Don't rely on the Enterprise car rental that your employer contracts with because the car you ordered may well not just be late but not appear at all. 

*      If you are like me and get sleepy from boredom on a motorway listen to an audio book while driving they keep you awake. 

*      You may find out that one of your new colleagues drinks more Coca Cola and eats more chocolate than you do and considering I can drink 2 litres of the stuff a day that is saying something. 

*      You can't do accounts during the evening alone in a hotel if you leave all the paperwork at home. 

*     At last a air conditioner that says it blows warm air actually does what it says on the tin. 

*      Finding You've Been Framed on TV when in a hotel with no jobs to do makes for 90 minutes of laughing. 

*     Being in a hotel where a film costs £2.50 may mean you are awake until 1am watching World War Z. 

*      Make sure when straightening your hair with GHD's, or any make of them, that you do not try and straighten your earlobe by accident. It's not the best decision I've ever made, even if it was an accident. Thankfully, it isn't red soi didn't have to try and match up the other earlobe. 

*    A hotel with trees on the wall can look rather posh! 

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