Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What I learned this week

Well, lots of things including how so alike my daughter and I are when it comes to being accident prone...even if that is because we are both incredibly stupid!  It's only right that she gets that from me right?
Here is a taster of some of my lessons this week:
  • mmmm, the bullet point facility on blogger is playing up tonight so if there aren't any when this posts you know why, right?
  • Oh, has sorted itself out now - for a minute there the bullet points wanted to be superscript for absolutely no reason at all.
  • I really should stop over-thinking things before they happen and actually determine whether they are going to happen before they do because if they don't happen then I have wasted a miniscule of my time.
  • Beautiful B may very well take you up on the suggestion that your osteopath is very good but beware - if she has an appointment around the same time as you she will hang around for a lift home in the car
  • It is possible to break 4 nails in 3 days even with 'gel nails' on
  • When you hear 6 big bangs during the night that sound like someone is taking a hammer to a wall or door you should stay in bed and see if it continues instead of peeping out of windows to see if there is a very noisy intruder in the street because you won't be able to see anything, the noise will stop, you will read a book on your iphone in the dark in a bid to keep Hubby asleep only for him to accuse you of dreaming the noises when he does eventually wake up for work.
  • When seeing a counsellor about the need to accept that your hands are giving up on life before you do be prepared for her chin to hit the floor when she hears about your life to date and laugh out loud when she says that I am right to thank whoever is up there for Beautiful B and Hubby every single day.
  • If you haven't seen one of your best friends for a 'catch-up' for a couple of months don't pretend that you can go out for a couple of hours to 'catch up' - accept before you go out the door that it will take at least 3 and you will still run out of time.
  • Accept that when you remove all photos of the past 5 years of your life from the computer so it can be stripped down that you may the majority of them, there is after all no point crying over spilt milk and more memories can be made, but hope and pray that Rachel still has a copy of the wedding photosm on her hubby's computer at home because if not you will be scurrying around 24 hour hours from now with hair like Doc from Back to the Future after pulling it out intermittently while screaming "WHERE IS IT???!!!!"
  • And before I hyperventilate, today's facts which may or may not be wholly accurate for the last 2 are:
    • Goodbye is the word used to shorten the phrase 'God be with you'
    • Father Christmas has a post office address in the UK and it's postcode is SAN TA1
    • Facetious has all the vowels in the right order when spelling the word
    • Ducks have 3 eyelids on each eye
    • Coca cola would be reat if it didn't have colouring in it
So there we have it this week folks.  It may well have been longer but right now my brain is shouting 'weddingphotosweddingphotosweddingphotos' and I am off to text Beautiful B and hyperventilate quiety.
Tell me what you have learned this week....

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