Monday, 21 October 2013

A weekend of not getting very far

I find myself in a different position than most others because my child is 19 so my evenings and weekends are not solely based around physically caring for her and entertaining her. While I have a to do list almost as long as my arm Hubby insisted I do very little as the last week at work has been, in one word, horrendous.

The beauty of having two sky boxes is that I can usually tell Hubby which recordings I wish to catch up on and that will dictate whether I sit downstairs or lie on the bed upstairs to watch TV. This weekend Hubby told me which TV he wanted. How dare he, I hear you say. I know he is getting brave but as he is doing overtime and that is paying for Christmas pressies I didn't protest. 

After helping me tidy up the dining room ready for my home-working when I move to my new job in mid-November we needed a bit of a rest. The dining room unfortunately has become a bit of a storage room so holds all my treasury role paperwork, heaters for work, a random photo frame which is waiting to be filled with wedding photos, a vegetable rack which has been used to store hair straighteners, gloves and a get the idea.  

Our rest consisted of an episode of a quiz show and I am now reasoning an answer to questions I don't know the answer to rather than randomly picking A, B or C so that is an improvement! 

I spent Saturday catching up on Saving Hope, a programme about a Dr in a comma whose soul wanders the hospital helping dead people pass over while he watches his fiancĂ©e who is also a doctor try and wake him up. What?! I know but trust me its better than it sounds.  

While I only has 25% left on the planner I am restricted to the series I can watch. This is down to my own stupidity. I record too much and when the recordings clash Hubby will ask which he can delete, I will take a stab at one is best to switch off and they all seem to have been episode one of a new series. I can't watch what I have on the planner without finding the first episode on iTunes to watch first, now can I? 

Sunday was therefore for catching up on Castle after an emergency run to Tesco for Yorkshire Puddings for the Sunday dinner and padding out examples of my achievements at work, for what good it will do.

So as you see a weekend of doing very little but it does feel somewhat productive as the planner is now at 58% and no longer in danger of running out of space.  Though hubby's prediction that I would be most likely to fall asleep lounging in bed watching TV was uncalled for even if I have previously, and frequently, done so.  Between me and you, I sat up in bed and it worked even if it wasn't quite as comfortable, I did stay awake until about 30 minutes after I started snuggling further down the bed. 

I would say Hubby knows me too well but it's probably the snoring that gives the game away......

Being a bit weird I'm going to apologise for the lack of formatting (I'm on the iPad) and any grammatical errors (not proof read as I should ave showered by now and be on my way to work).

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