Thursday, 19 September 2013


I'm easily excited and as it was my birthday on Tuesday I was allowed more than usual.  I was spoilt as I spent Monday evening with my 4 best friends drinking cocktails and having a lovely meal and Tuesday evening at the cinema with Beautiful B, Hubby and Ry.  Yesterday was a 12 hour day at work but we won't dwell on that.  Today I am off work.
It is 6.41am and this time tomorrow Beautiful B and I will have been on a train nearly 2 hours travelling to our capital, London to see the sites and spend some quality mother/daughter time together.  My daughter spends far to much on me and does not understand the concept of a birthday card and a small gift and this year she visited various members of my family asking for their birthday gift to be money that she could put towards the trip.
Like I said truly spoiled!
To say I am excited is a slight understatement and although I have drawn up a list of chores to do I have added little extras like a full list of what I need to pack, transferring money to another account to spend in know, just as a reminder so I can get giddy...okay, in reality I have OCD and live by lists.
I want to get through all the mundane chores this morning so that I can get to the important things such as packing this afternoon and have that done before Hubby comes home from work.
An early night is called for as our first train is at 4.30am so we will be awake from 3am if we get any sleep at all because it is a bit like Christmas Eve when I was 5 years old and I might just not sleep because I can't wait for morning to come.
I kind of need someone to do this....but it's not gooing to work even if someone said it. (My apologises if anyone is offended by the language).

On a completely different note IOS 7 was downloaded for the new iPhone 5 last night.  Beautiful B and I said "Ooooooh" at the same time once we saw the new look. 

I'm now downloading ALL of my music from the iCloud as the computer has been cleaned up and can store that much data and I may have gotten a bit carried away with having a 64gb iPhone because I can now put ALL my music on it and it has 124 items still to download and has been doing it's business for a good 15 minutes already. Is that the longest running sentance I have ever done?  Maybe.  iTunes may well have to carry on doing it's business on it's own while I am taking my mum-in-law food shopping.

Hubby has just rang; having been out overnight at my brothers as it is closer to his snooker veneu, he is now at work.  So far, I have asked if he is at work; yes, can he start work at 7am; yes, even on a Saturday; cue laughing, it's not Saturday, oh yes, it's friday; no it isn't Ribena, it is Thursday, Ha ha, I'm a bit excited; yes you are aren't you?

On that note I am off now to get dressed, drag a brush through my hair and wash my face to go food shopping, then I can rush through my chores to start the all important packing, crossing things off lists, double checking everything is in the suitcase, going through drawers and the bathroom to check I haven't missed anything.....note, must add iPhone charger to the packing list.

You may or may not get random comments and pictures uploaded over the weekend; or I may just be trying to keep up with Beautiful B and her stuffed full itinery.....


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