Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What I learned this week

As you know I have been house and fluffer sitting at my brothers this week.  His house is huge and I have just cleaned it from top to bottom and am now resting my tired feet - here is a question: Why are my feet tired?

Here are my top lessons for this week:
  • As my brother has a small dyson hoover, and the fluff collector is smaller than a standard hoover, you only just manage to hoover every room in this house once before you need to empty said fluff collector.
  • As long as I stay focussed it doesn't take much longer to clean such a big house than mine; impressive when there are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a downstairs loo, 2 reception rooms, a huge conservatory, large kitchen and utility room to clean - compared to my 2 bedroom, 1 small bathroom, 2 reception rooms and a kitchen just about big enough to swing a cat in. 
  • The last week on leave before you go back to work goes by very quickly.
  • Despite trying my getting in a normal sleep routine in preparation for work it hasn't worked very well.
  • I can dream about Hubby waking me up out of a horrendous nightmare - so I have a bad dream about me having a bad dream!  I just haven't worked out why....
  • I can take all the accounts to my brothers to do during the week and they would get done if I didn't also pack a cross-stitch, 3 books and 5 films and lets not forget setting the Sky planner so I can still watch all my favourite TV shows.
  • It is much easier to give fluffers tablets if you hide them in ham. I already knew that but I did learn that it is an amazingly short time before I decide it isn't fair to force tablets down a fluffers neck twice a day times 2 fluffers.
  • In a house that is newly built the insulation in the walls and loft will result in the hottest house in the world!  
  • As expected, my Beautiful B told me there was 'no food' to eat in our house within the week. Not a lesson for me but she learnt something when I started instructing Beautiful B how to cook some meals by looking in the cupboard she forgot about for ingredients as that usually helps.
  • I really should get someone else to return the clothes I bought that don't suit me because if I go to the shop to do it I will walk out with two new handbags.
  • I discovered Ry does not even know how to use a tumble dryer - oh dear, Beautiful B has a lot of lessons to teach him before they buy a new house together.
  • There are days that I should just stay in bed - an initial request to buy two things, with a text reminder doesn't mean I will remember to do it when I go to town to do some banking and have have a fabulous two hour catch up with Beautiful B. Nor does it mean that when I go to the supermarket to pick the two things up later that day I will remember to come out of the supermarket with both items, thereby having to avoid getting back out of the car to go and buy that one item.
  • I should go into a Supermarket firmly focussed on what I need so I don't get distracted by the bottles of pop that would be handy for the cinema later that day.
  • Spending the day with Angel and keeping her company while she waits at the hospital is great fun.  Watching 6 1/2 hours of house related programmes may result in you never wanting to watch another house related programme again.
  • In 1837 Charles Goodyear discovered that if you removed the sulfur from rubber and then heated it would retain it's elasticity. This process, called Vulcanisation, made rubber water proof and winter proof to make things such as tyres.  I did not know that the company making Goodyear tyres originated because he discovered this!
  • Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II (husband and wife) are third cousins because Philip is descented from Victoria's daughter Alice and Elizabeth II from Victoria's son Edward VII.  Erm okay.....not sure I agree with that....
  • I would like to send my warmest wishes and love to the family and co-stars of Lee Thompson Young (stars in Rizzoli and Isles as Detective Barry Frost) who tragically took his own life at age 29.  
So what have you learned this week.  Join in the fun by following the instructions below.  Have a great week everyone!

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