Thursday, 29 August 2013

Here's a thought

Just a random thought spoken out loud to my brother and sister-in-law out this weekend....

Just to set the background:  I have been reading a series of novels about vampires (and we all know each is slightly different so just go with what I say below, and know that I have had some old tooth roots taken out of my mouth).

Me:  So here's a question: we all know that vampires heal unless you stake them but did you know that it's possible that when they are injured, as in cut with a knife, if you pour salt on the wound it doesn't heal?  Therefore, if you were to have your wife's name calved into your back at your wedding ceremony and salt poured onto it her name it is there forever. (Told you, just go with it)

My brother: A, I am not marrying you if sharp knifes are involved. 

Me:  (Ignoring his comment as my brain is on a roll) A dentist tells us to rinse our mouth with salt water following tooth or, in my case, root extraction. Assuming they want us to return for further treatment rather than turn us into haters salt must have healing properties right?  

My brother:  Where are you going with this? 

Me: As a hole left in a gum heals over we can assume that salt does not have the same effect on humans so that's evidence that we aren't close relations to vampires.

My brother:  Did you know that too much salt kills you? (His dad was a chef)

Me: Yes i studied more biology just for fun after school remember. Returning to our vampire discussion, not healing and death are linked so maybe that is why humans can mate with vampires!  

My brother:  (Hugs me and turns to his wife to be and says to her). I love you and am going to marry you but this one i will always love as she is just so cute and my favourite nutter. 

I should state here that he is my brother by marriage; he and my sister are divorced. 

A few days later having found out that my tooth isn't healing properly I received a text from him simply saying:

Have your eyes become sensitive to daylight yet? 

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