Monday, 5 August 2013


It's Monday and this I am feeling 'meh'.  A tremendously busy week last week.  We joke about an old wives tale in our family - that things come in threes.  So when I picked up my dad last week to go to the garage with me and said to my mum 'Right!  I've had my 3 things today; stress test at the hospital couldn't be done, the front of the exhaust has fallen off and dragged on the road all the way here and the dogs have 'nudged' a full water filter of water all over my bedroom carpet!  So nothing else should go wrong today.'

NEVER say that, never!  I got the car to the top of the street and the front of the exhaust broke away completely taking the entire exhaust system with it, cracking the bumper from top to bottom and almost dragged it off.

On arriving at the garage we discovered the catalytic converter had gone.  I know nothing about cars but I do know that they cost a fortune so my immediate response was a groan.  When told the price I just said 'Okay', there is no point crying over spilt milk (or exhausts) - a car is needed for work so the cost needed to be covered - I had my sensible head on. Apparently, I didn't as Dad explained that the cost to replace the converter and exhaust was too much seen as car value was in the low 3 figures.  So Dad and I spent the day shopping for a new used car.  Racy Ribena is now parked outside the house and has yet to be filled with my obsession....

One giraffe of many
The cost of a new car is not something I could do with really. At least I am not driving around with a car that you can hear coming from 3 blocks away as a result of the front of exhaust system falling off and lets not even think about the sparks.  So far the fluffers don't recognise the sound of the car so don't start barking when I get to the top of our road.

The pain in my hands and arms has been more than annoying and work are trying to get me back to work as soon as possible, however Tramadol sends me cuckoo and sleepy so that is impossible until after the re-arranged stress test on the 12th August. 

So although I have been feeling less than useless I have followed all advice and spent some of the weekend in bed with my lower legs on pillows willing the blood away from my ankles, with intermittent short walks.  Hubby has not allowed me to do any lifting, carrying, chopping, cooking and the list goes on.  Even doing nothing the pain is more than annoying. On the upside the DVT has disipated so no more injections!

Having suffered frequent severe migraines each week the doctors have refused to prescribe codeine based meds in the past as they make migraines worse.  Following the operation to remove some of my body parts last year my migraines have reduced so I begged my GP for codeine based medication during the temporary anti-inflammatory ban to see if they worked without causing migraines - all in a bid to go back to work as I am a dedicated civil servant.

A trail of co-codamol available over the chemist counter due to the very low dose of codeine as suggested by a GP in the surgery has been less than useless - surely the high dosage of anti-inflammatories normally prescribed is evidence that such a low dosage would be about as useful as taking sweets?

Sunday morning was the day we take Hubby's mum shopping, unavoidable as there is no-one else that cannot do it and let's not forget that Hubby refuses to drive as his last attempt at driving lessons halted after he drove straight over a roundabout.  By 10am my heels were so painful I couldn't stand still.  Trusty google indicates that it is general wear and tear.  This wear and tear was a surprise - my trusty anti-inflammatories have been hiding much more than expected.

Co-codamol has been useless for pain relief but was nice enought to leave me with side effects.  So Tramadol was my trusty friend on Sunday - fine at home as being cuckoo at home is nothing out of the ordinary.  Hubby insisted I spent Sunday afternoon in bed so I didn't put myself in any danger while taking Tramadol - I suspect it also gave him some time to watch football, golf and cricket without having to worry whether I was able to focus enough to safely manouvere around the house.

Unfortunately, accountancy requires a clear mind and I certainly don't have that with Tramadol.  I'm wagering another sick note from work is in the offering when I call the GP as pain is there even when I do nothing at all.

As much as I would like to be in work it very much looks like I have time to watch the DVD of Les Miserable loaned to me by my Dad over a month ago.  Let's not forget the next 4 books in the series of Brotherhood vampire books I am reading by J. R. Ward.  The 5th in the series was read all day and night on Sunday - Hubby kept waking up last night and asking why I was still reading.  He gave up at 5am this morning.  Having been awake all night I am guessing I may crash at lunchtime!

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