Thursday, 15 August 2013

A lesson in iPhone management

No, I am not giving you a lesson because lets face it, when it comes to anything techy I have little to no idea.  When I changed my mobile contract 2 years ago Hubby insisted I buy an iPhone; not because he liked them but because for the 2 contracts before that I had coverted an iPhone and ended up with another mobile only to moan about what it did or didn't do.  This time he told me just to get one and I have never looked back!
My whole life is on that phone, the "to do" list gets more work to do on it than anything else on the phone and it now reliably tells me when everyone's birthday is and what shifts Beautiful B is on at work. 
For nearly 2 years that iPhone has been responsible for all the music played in the car, even more so since Chris Moyles left Radio 1.  The only issue is that my iPhone has on 16gb and that is not enough for all the photos and music I have on the phone.
This week I wanted to download an album of 80's dance tunes - don't laugh!  My teenage years were in the 80's and so were Hubby's.  Therefore, it is something I can play in the car, dance about to and not have Hubby moan that I am playing P!nk yet again.
The only problem is that my iPhone didn't have enough room and that is because when I put music on it from my home collection I just download the whole album.  Is there anyone who listens and loves every song on every album they have?  Well not in this house.
So I find myself sat here playing whole albums and deleting individual songs.  And herein lies my lesson for today: when downloading music, either pick the songs you want off the album to start with or delete them from the phone after downloading - do not leave it until the phone is full.
And the second lesson?  Buy a 32gb iPhone next month for the new contract!

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