Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What I learned this week

This weekend Hubby spent a day with our brother in law and Beautiful B was on holiday with Ry for a long weekend.  As a result I had the house to myself and here is what I learned:

It is still impossible for me to sit and relax in my own house when alone.  I will inevitably decide something needs cleaning.  This weekend it was the whole house and I blitzed it.

It takes longer than you think to organise your ‘everything but the kitchen sink drawer' in the bedroom.  Using the wonderful drawer dividers from Lakeland Plastics will calm your mind when you see order restored.

It is possible to throw away handbags (well, give them to charity). None of those thrown away are Radley bags because that would just be stupid!

The hidden storage compartment under the bed is fantastic and Abi fluff would appear to think so too when she hops in to investigate.

Trying to put the hose connector back on the power washer while the water is still running is a stupid idea and is likely to break said power washer.

There is great joy to be had after returning home with new dog beds when you see Fred led in his new bed within 10 minutes.  It makes sense to take it upstairs at night for him to sleep on but when half asleep you must remember it is so big because tripping over it is not such a great idea.

There will always be joy in seeing something and thinking of Beautiful B.  If you buy said thing for her it is wonderful to see Beautiful B’s face when she opens it and realises you have bought the shoes she has been coveting for months – money be damned.

When you raise the footrest on the chair Lily will go under the chair to investigate.  You may trap her when shutting the footrest but it will not put Lily off because she will investigate under the sofa, almost getting trapped again not 1 minute later.

Lugging about heavy bags full of goodies for the charity shop and rubbish for the tip may just knock your back out to the extent that you want to cry if you bend over even slightly.  You can also only get half way up the stairs before it gets really difficult to lift your feet onto the next step.

Taking Tramadol doesn’t really help. Instead of relaxing the muscles in your lower back it seems to relax is your eyes; judging on the intermittent double vision experienced.

So what did you learn this week?  Go ahead and comment, I’d love you to.

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