Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pain or pills; that is the question

Having given myself backache over the weekend, because let's face it that is what I did - lugging about heavy bin bags full of things for recycling and cleaning almost all weekend is not the best of ideas, I have suffered for 2 days (today is Wednesday and I am trying to be organised and get a post done for tomorrow).

I have some pills which are great.  I only take them intermittently and they are prescribed to help the pains I get in my arms and hands when the barrage of other pills I have for my condition aren't enough.  Luckily I don't have to take them very often but I do know that they are that strong if I take more than 4 I get a bit cuckoo.

On Monday night I took two as I was in agony with my back; they help the pain in my hand so it stands to reason they would help the back pain.  I woke up at silly o'clock on Tuesday morning courtesy of Cala Fluff and took another two.  We are looking, therefore, at a 6 hour time frame between doses.

I drove to work as normal and started work quite happily; gingerly but happily - pain, after all, doesn't affect my sense of humour.  I was passing sweets around work; after all if I am going to ruin my teeth others can share the fun.

By 10am I was feeling sleepy and I was suffering from some double vision.  I wasn't overly worried because I have had those side effects before.  However, they just continued to get worse and by the afternoon I was struggling to keep my eyes open at work.  The need to constantly try to adjust eye focus was tiring and more than a little frustrating.

I did actually nod off at one stage and I am not sure if anyone noticed but I was mortified none the less.  By 5pm I'd had enough and made an appointment at the GP to discuss the medication.

The need for medication, in my head, is simple.  I want medication that will take away (or at least take the edge) off the pain so I can stay at work and still do a half decent job.  Instead I have a pill that I cannot function with and I'd like to know how I would cope if ever need to take more than 4 pills!

I cannot take any pill that is codeine based as it can cause migraines (if only they had told me that prior to the operation because that was one of the medications they systematically provided me with - rant over.

I had arranged to see Angel last night and i wasn't about to postpone just because I was seeing 2 of everything.  She knew immediately that something was wrong and when I agreed to go home at 9am no other evidence was needed to demonstrate how tired i must have been.

Leaving Angel's house after insisting I did not need a taxi to get home she made me promise to call her when I got home.  That I did from my bed because on arriving home I took myself off to bed without passing go or collecting £200.  

I slept most of the night and when the dogs did look as though they were going to start insisting I get up I put them back at the bottom and thankfully they settled back down.  

So did I sleep well - yes, but I don't feel refreshed today.  I don't have any vision issues but I amd getting extremely tired at work.


Don't take any more Tramadol, put up with the pain at least until Friday morniing because i at least have to be able to work and important look like I am working.  I'm on leave tomorrow so I can lie in bed or potter about at lest so I don't have to struggle at work. 

In the meantime I have to get through today and at this rate it will be another day of trying to look like my eyes don't want to lose a battle and sleep and quietly remind myself that I can go straight to bed when I get homes.



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