Monday, 1 April 2013

In a bid to be more organised.....

....I am writing this on Good Friday but it won't post until Easter Monday (if I have my scheduling correct).

Is it just me who sits in a room with the heating on, fire on, a hot water bottle keeping her feet warm on top of the slipper socks she is wearing while it is sunny outside?  Yep, just me then......

I do not have to go out of the house today, I intend to spend a full day on the accounts with a bit of computer game playing mixed in or will that be computer game playing with a bit of accounts mixed in?!

Cala fluff woke me up at 3.30am this morning!  I'm going to put a plug in it if it carries on!  While waiting for the fluff bags to have a sniff around outside where it was below freezing and the birds were still sleeping my organised self decided to put a load of washing on.  After all, it will be ready for the dryer by the time I get back up. Except.....that woke me up so I returned to bed to lie there wide awake and listen to the birds start to sing just after 4am.  I gave up at 4.30am managing to wake Hubby up in the process.

He suggested we catch up on a programme we watch as a family (though only fair to leave Beautiful B asleep at stupid o'clock in the morning), I went to make him coffee and he promptly fell asleep again for an hour while the coffee went cold.

So it is now 10.30 a.m; on a work day I would be having my lunch by now after being awake this long which may explain the need for the crisps I have just eaten.  I'm using it as a convenient excuse anyway.

I am seriously considering not getting dressed today.  I'm cold and could happily live in my PJs, dressing gown and slipper socks carrying a hot water bottle around like a homeless person with their bag of empty aluminum cans and potter between accounts and the other jobs that need doing in the house.  Having suggested it to Hubby and not getting a response I think he is of the opinion that I should at least make the effort to get dressed.

I'm going to take a photo of my dining room table with all the accounts paperwork on it as a before photograph and see if I ever get to an after photograph.  That could be my goal for April!

Freddy has claimed the spot in front of the fire so while in the dining room it will be him and I keeping each other company.  Hubby will wander in every hour or so to check I am okay though even I seriously think that doing accounts can't cause me physical harm (note I say only physical harm, I'm not betting on the mental) and the other fluff bags will wander in and sniff around throughout the day in the hopes I have randomly dropped food around the floor.

If I work hard enough today I may even get to sit in front of the TV this evening for an hour or so before my brain tells me that it must be time for bed - I am expecting that to be around 8pm if the 3.30am wake up call is anything to go by.

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