Friday, 19 April 2013

Five things Friday

I'm home safe after another excellent day yesterday and to top it off I got home from Newcastle in just over 3 hours and that included the 30+ minutes it took me to get out of Newcastle traffic.

Today's five things are things I enjoy when I'm working away from home.

1 No cooking. We are of course assuming that I cook a lot at home which I don't. I would argue that my version of cooking is mainly warming stuff up with a bit of stirring involved. Hubby does much better in the kitchen than me; at least he can get all parts of the meal cooked at the same time. All of that does not detract, however, how much I enjoy knowing I can relax after work rather than deciding what I should burn that day.

2 No cleaning goes hand in hand with no cooking though I do make the bed and tidy up before leaving the hotel room in a morning. Dad always said (when he was making beds army style) that it takes little effort to make a bed and help housekeeping out. This is under the assumption that they don't change all the bedding and sheets everyday lol.

3 Not having my list in mind all the time - I have lists, everywhere and run 3 diaries which even I admit is a bit excessive. When I'm away I don't need to think about it too much as generally it contains things I have to do at home or at my normal office. I am beginning to trust myself to be able to pack everything to come home without a list now which is an improvement - even if it do check drawers, cupboards, bathrooms etc 3-4 times before I leave.

4 Relaxing - it is generally one place where I do tend to sit down and do nothing other than watch TV or read for more than 1/2 hour without adding to a list, doing something from a list, checking family have done jobs or worrying I have missed something from a list.

5 Learning something new - generally, I'm away with work and as I somehow managed to bungle my way through my exams I am not sitting tests or classes but I am generally learning something new which is refreshing. I've learnt all sorts of things this week and really enjoyed it which is always refreshing.

So there we go. I'm waiting for the hire car to be collected and so far am not happy with the company concerned. They brought the car over 2 hours late and so far they are 1/2 late collecting it which is eating into the time I have at work to do 2 weeks work in 4 days.

Maybe I should revert to using trains next time even if it takes me longer to get to my destination.

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