Thursday, 28 March 2013

Introducing Rachel - sort off

Whoop, I have now started introducing my friends to my blog - it's only taken me 2 years.

Ignoring the fact that initially it was mainly to dump my somewhat crazy thoughts out of my brain (already overflowing with little aliens) I was super conscious about people thinking I may be looking for people to fall in love with my blog.  Being a bit of a wallflower I really don't care but I have to admit I did/do want my friends to like it now/when I introduce them to it.

So Angel was yesterday and today was R, A and K.  R got in touch almost straight away and said I could call her by her real name.  I feel like doing a jig but seen as I am at work people will wonder what the strange woman in the corner is doing so it's an inside jig and the aliens are bouncing about the inside of my skull and in danger of causing spots in my eyes from the vibrations.

I do not have a photo of her on this computer so that will have to wait and I am going to try and introduce them all together, in picture form if nothing else if some of my besties still want pseudonyms.   

Anyhoo, R is now formally Rachel - say hello all you none people who read this blog......

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