Friday, 25 January 2013

It's a good job I can make him laugh!

After working late last night I took myself off to the supermarket for 3 things; cheese, ham and bread – simple?  It cost me £50.  It can’t just be me that ‘window shops’ in supermarkets and adds all sorts of extras to the trolley. 

In went bottles of pop as they were “2 for £3”.  In went washing liquid as it was “Reduced to £5”.  In went clothes softener as it was “2 for £5”.  Obviously I am a sucker for special offers because my cleaning cupboard is bulging. I should just be grateful that there were lots of products promoted as “New” as I am sucker for those!  Hubby laughed his head off when he opened the boot and saw more than 3 products.

I woke up this morning and Hubby was sat next to me watching golf (I kept calling it cricket – obviously because they are both played on green grass) and after a few minutes said “Are you making me my usual coffee?” with a hint of amusement on his face.  I obviously showed no signs of moving, in fact I was rolling about with the fluff bags playing peek-a-boo with Cala’s ears and her eyes. 

Here is a lesson girls, don’t make hubby breakfast in bed (often) or make him coffee (daily) because they expect it.  “No.  You let the dogs out.  In the time they were out you could have made a coffee.  Obviously you haven’t turned your multifunction switch on this morning.”

“What about the crumpets you promised me?”
“Excuse me, I DO NOT think I promised you crumpets!”
“Yes you did. ‘Hubby, I got you some crumpets so I can make you some for breakfast tomorrow.’ That is what you said when you picked me up last night.”
“I do not think I did.  I would remember that conversation!  I may have said I bought crumpets to make you for breakfast but definitely did not commit to or say ‘tomorrow’.  You are making an assumption; as I bought them and mentioned that I got them to make you for breakfast that you associated the two and assumed you would get them this morning and you would be wrong.”

Now, my memory is rubbish – completely.  I can forget was I was thinking 2 minutes ago.  I am convinced I will have Alzheimer’s by the time I am 50 which, as an aside, gives me 10 years to get lots of living in.  I more than likely did say it but to be honest, I wasn’t admitting that because I really cannot remember saying it and that is enough for me.

So Hubby ended up with no crumpets – he did try to get me to make them for another hour though.

“So Ribena, are you making me lunch today?” (don’t ever get into the habit of making lunches daily either; I’m obviously a slow learner and bad role model to our daughter)
“No.  I am giving you some money to buy lunch as I am being lazy.” (I will admit the truth when I remember it)
“I am going to miss my sandwiches, all that nice ham and cheese and pickle….”
“Don’t be nitty picky; you know you are going to buy a ham, cheese and onion baguette because you ‘may not like other flavours’.”
“Nitty picky!  Is that even a word?!” (laughing)
“Yes and you know it.”
“No, I think ‘nit pick’ is a phrase but I am not convinced ‘nitty picky’ exists.”
“Well it does now.”

Driving to work we go around the same roundabout at least 5 days a week.  Driving around it today I looked to my left to check a car was not coming across the ‘give way’ sign to plough into us.  20 seconds later……
“Are you okay?”
“Yes. Why?”
“Did you forget that you needed to turn the wheel?”
“No!  Evidently not as I am now driving up the same road we always do after going round the roundabout.”
“Oh, because for a second I thought you had forgotten to turn and were going to plough into the railings.”
“Why, did it look like I was going to plough into the railings?”
“Well, then it was just your worry wart button pinging clearly.”

Hubby doesn’t drive, and there is a reason for it.  When learning to drive he drove straight across a roundabout because he was glancing at the gear stick to see what gear he was in.  He never took another driving lesson.  So even if I did turn a second later than I normally do because I was glancing to see if another car was nearly upon us (which I was not….) he would have no room to talk now would he?

Hubby worries incessantly.  If he has nothing to worry about, he will find something to worry about.  I am an early riser and even though we have lived together for going up 5 years, if he turns over in bed and I am not there he comes downstairs to see ‘if I am alright.’  Peeps, I have never been not alright in 5 years!

Scatty? Yes; Forgetful? Definitely.” Kind of cute with it?  Must be because he is always laughing with me rather than at me and apparently it’s what he loves about me.  I’m very grateful for that because I’m not convinced that any other man could put up with me.

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