Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How excited...!?

Well the huge secret that I alluded to a couple of months ago was that I marry my sweetheart of a Hubby on the 8th of October.  

Being someone who HATES being the centre of attention he wanted to keep it secret until all the invitations were sent and even now only 2 people he works with know the secret and that is only because they are invited to the wedding.  Not telling anyone was almost painful for me and when I booked 2 weeks leave for the honeymoon my manager guessed immediately what it was for...and I hadn't practiced my "I have no idea what you are talking about" face.

As you can imagine Hubby is dreading his speech and all he has to do is stand up and thank everyone for coming to the wedding, give the mum's some flowers and then sit down again....jeez.  I offered to do a speech on his behalf but he looked horrified; after all he can't really trust that I won't embarress him completely.

I have an early start to a long weekend after today as I am off to enjoy my hen weekend.  A very select few (4 including me) are away to Alton Towers to ride all the scary rides, stay over night in the hotel while we eat and drink cocktails, spend a day in the indoors water park...I may live to regret that with a hangover....and then spend a few hours being pampered in the spa.

So yes, there will be alcohol, but I would hate doing the requisite club hopping with all those children that haven't even hit 18 yet.  After all, I drank a huge amount of vodka at my 40th and I was happy to be in my bed by 1am.

4 people doesn't sound a lot (though another is joining us for the water park and spa) but I am a bit fussy and I don't collect a huge amount of friends; I prefer a small number of extremely special people that I can rely on at any time, who are there for me and who I will walk to the end of the earth for.

So let's have a big up for Angel, Beautiful B, Rachel and Amanda.  None of them will allow me to drive to Alton Towers and said I should sit in the car and drink alcohol - It may just be me but I think 7.30am is slightly early for vodka and cannot be a good idea when I will be on a ride less than 3 hours later that shoots you from 0-60mph in 2 seconds flat before it twists you left and right and upside down.....

And what is Hubby doing for a stag weekend?  Nothing.  He has refused to have one as that would make him the centre of attention.  Instead he is staying at home, fluffer sitting, and watching the golf open while drinking the copious amounts of wine I was given as presents for my 40th (he can be forgiven for that because I do not drink wine).

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