Friday, 4 May 2012

The post in which I sulk

I am not good at sulking, I don't get much practice because my glass is usually overflowing never mind half full.  Wednesday night I sulked.  I took myself off to fat fighters relatively secure in the knowledge that I would lose some weight, albeit not a lot.  Except I didn't - I put on exactly what I lost the week before.

I wouldn't mind if I could understand why.  Not that I expect the majority of you to understand this but I still had weekly points left; 17 of them and I had earned another 5 in activity.  So no idea and I felt cheated.

Beautiful B, bless her, told me that what is done is done and it cannot be changed and to move on - I know just where she has got that from and turns out having your pep talk repeated back to you makes you realize that when someone says it you want to stick your tongue out at them.

I got home and Hubby gave me a huge hug, telling me I have done it before and will do it again.  He made my tea - diet homemade pizzas and sent me to bed to catch up on some TV. Being looked after felt good.

On this new plan (which granted has been in a year now), fruit is 0 points. It's already factored into the allowance and a bid to get people to eat more fruit.  I get that; what the control part of my personality does with that information is get frustrated by it because I eat a lot of fruit and veg (see a leopard can change it's spots) and how do I know that the amount I am eating is still within that allowance.

Lets face it if I eat a banana, 2 apples, some pineapple, some melon and a bunch of grapes I am approaching 400 calories and I am not convinced that they have accounted for that many calories. I've ranted I'll get back to what I was doing before and see if it is better next week.  Mind you, I might just write to fat fighters and see if they will tell me the calorific content they have accounted for.  If they tell me then I can point what comes over and above that...alternatively eat less fruit but it is oh so tasty.

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