Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Day I went to the US

I'm obsessed with some US food stuffs. It started way back when Beautiful B was 2 years old and I discovered some Jelly Bellys in a posh sweet shop. Oh my goodness they were so divine I didn't care about the cost.

Then I visited the US when Beth was 3 and let's just say when in Orlando I had died and gone to heaven and spent a fortune.

I have since spent a fortune on the Internet buying sweets from UK sites that import from the US.

The Biggest Loser showed some sugar free Wrigley's gum in weird and wonderful flavors last week and being on a healthy eating kick I just to try some but of course I also had to try some other goodies...

Nothing as exciting as these flavours in this country, trust me.
* Jelly Bellys were a given

Excuse having to tip your head to the left - my iPhone turned itself around when I wasn't looking

Dark Chocolate Raspberry M&Ms intrigued me

 * Of course Hubby had to have a treat and he says the Dark chocolate mint M&Ms are addictive and went down a storm at work

*The Ice Cubes; well I was just intrigued

.....and of course there is the much desired and required box of fruit loops which will ensure Beautiful B and I will be on a sugar high with for the next week or so.

All I have to say at this point is how amazing it is that the price I paid reduces by £10 when I relay the necessity of their purchase to Hubby.

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