Wednesday, 4 January 2012

and a Happy New Year to you all

You would think that being at home all day recuperating would be an ideal time to post each day wouldn't you? However for numerous reasons I haven't:

* it would appear that I finally started listening to my body and decided to slow down for once to give it time to recuperate
* it turns out that some of the websites I read prior to the operation were right and that after a couple of weeks you start to feel better but then are brought back down to earth a week or so later
* turns out enforced sick leave is a GREAT time to catch up on books that have been stockpiled while training to be an accountant - so far I have read 15 in 6 weeks
* also an excellent time to catch up on the TV planner that I had stockpiled in preparation for recuperating
* then promptly started filling it up with more programmes as new seasons start for some of my favourites
* oh, and then you go looking for new programmes and find some more good ones
* online shopping is so much fun and Christmas shopping was a great excuse for arguing that it is a necessity
* all day Christmas film channels are fantastic for feel good movies
* much catching up with my lovely mum and dad, almost daily and of course Angel
* so many blogs to discover and read
* lots of sleeping which it turns out my body needed
* especially when the lack of oestrogen and inability to take HRT means hot sweats keep me awake most of the night
* however, only migraines have been due to lack of sleep and only 2 in 6 weeks which is the least I have suffered from in over 10 years

I have surprised myself in that I expected to be bored very quickly and that it would drive me crazy not being able to do any housework but I think for once my brain dictated I was sensible so I haven't found it too frustrating despite feeling guilty at how much work my wonderful Hubby has taken on. Although I love her with every fibre of my being, Beautiful B has disappointed me somewhat as she hasn't helped Hubby take up the slack as much as I would have liked her to. Oh and the healthy eating has kind of gone out of the window....

Mostly this bodes well as the hospital Physio insisted that it was a minimum 12 weeks sick leave despite the fact that I sit down all day doing accountancy type things on a computer. I tried to get my GP to see my point of view but he sided with the Physio so I have another 6 weeks at home and Hubby is refusing to let me lift anything or do any housework bar light dusting. Trust him to side with everyone else. I can at least drive from today so can at least take the fluffers for some much needed walks on the field which should at least help lose some of the Christmas weight gain.

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