Monday, 26 September 2011

Puppy things I learnt this week

Oh dear, found this one was still a draft and has been in draft for nearly 3 months now....

So lets see;

It is not a good idea to leave slippers lying around because baba fluff thinks they are toys and takes them out in the garden to get rained on. You can't blame the baba dog when the slippers look like sheep. 
When Hubby wonders whether baba sheep is crying to get up at 3.30am every day because she wants to lie with her mum and grandma on the bed rather than go outside you should really listen to him because he is usually right and then you get a peaceful nights sleep thereafter.

If you get a small hole in a cushion it is a good idea to move it out of reach before you go out to the shop because this beautiful thing:
does this:

It is about time I realise that the days of being able to eat toffee Poppet sweets are over unless I want to pay £17 at the dentist to concrete my crown back in.

Being off work is kind of fun because more time is available to try new recipes.  Beware that trying new recipes inevitably will mean that half of it has to be frozen as Hubby refuses to eat anything that has vegetables other than cabbage and carrots in and therefore there should be sufficient room in the freezer.

When Scrappy Fluff, now otherwise known as Molly, comes round for a playdate she is like the Tazmanian Devil and it will take 2 hours and then half an hour of posing to get a half decent picture of the two sisters.  Baba fluff will still wake up at stupid o'clock in the morning despite being run ragged all evening.

Puppies think that if their head is over the paper in the house their tush is and therefore they are piddling on the paper, godamnit!

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