Sunday, 24 July 2011

Quality Time

So y'all know that I yearn to be self-sufficient enough to be able to quit my job and be the housewife and mum I want to be (and that I think I could be).  Well, that ain't gonna happen because, well I need the lotto fairy to sprinkle money dust all over me. 

So in the meantime, I get to take leave for 3 whole weeks.  Whoop.  I can't remember the last time I was off work for that long....and in the college holidays too.  So not only do I get to keep the house as clean as I want it, and trust me I have a whole page in my to do list dedicated  of maintenance jobs I am going to get done, I get to spend some quality time with Beautiful B.

Granted she may spend a lot of that time at McD's working her little socks off - yesterday, she was a machine and worked 13 hours straight!  However, between that we are planning all sorts of things to do.

Some of those involve a trip to Chester Zoo - Beautiful B was natually light blonde and 3 and half but the size of an 18 month old at that time and spent most of the time on Grampa's shoulders so she could be "as tall as a giraffe".  We have a zoo at Blackpool but it's kinda not the same to go 10 minutes up the road for a day trip out.

We are also off to Beacon Fell - a nice bit of walking which gets my exercise in as well as contributing to the work walking challenge I roped everyone else into and we have decided we will take all four fluffers.

Lots of trips to the cinema and cuddly days on the couch with films are also called for...and trips out with mum and dad to York for which, I informed Hubby the other day, he and I are going on so I can say "Ah do you remember our romantic weekend here" - I am going to drag everyone to the park so I can feed the squirrels very sad of me I know.

Oooh and now that I am thin I might allow someone to take cute pictures of Beautiful B and I for posperity.

Hubby was ill last night so Beautiful B came home exhausted from her 13 hour shift and yet she still came with me to see one of my best friends K and her hubby just so that we could kick back together and it was lovely.  She is so grown up and can have an adult conversation with M.  I know that is obvious but it made me realise how grown up she has become.  Then she sat there yawning at 11 - hardly surprising when she had been awake since 5 - and reminded me of my little baba again.

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