Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Vampires vs Aliens

The only problem (if it can, indeed, be considered a problem) with having Sky HD fitted is that a) you have sooooo much more space to record things and b) they kindly fit the old Sky+ box in the bedroom for more inane recordings.

Since then I have been recording all sorts of things including Oprah.  I'm not really into it, so I tend to read the ditty about what that particular show is about and delete most of them.

I watched the Pink episode because, well, you just would and I missed her in concert (but I was with her in spirit), I delete all episodes related to doctor type things, I watched the episode about hoarders because I wanted to see if they were the complete opposite to me (they weren't).

However, I was intrigued by the episode with Stephanie Meyer so deemed that watchable.  I find it amazing that she, like the lovely lady who graced us with Harry Potter, just seemed to wake up and decide to write a story.

If her story is true, I have great respect for Stephanie - not many people have a freaky dream, wake up and think "mmmm, I am going to write about that", let alone make squillions out of it.  She seemed a bit obsessed about writing the story, I wondered if she even neglected her family for a while as a result of her obsessiveness.  If so, they will obviously have forgiven her now they live in a huge mansion and enough money to paper a small island.  I also wondered how she managed to write a whole story and not tell her husband what she was feverishly doing on the computer - I am sure my Hubby would have got suspicious or at least worried that I was losing what very few marbles I have left.

I have freaky dreams - I once dreamt about vampire zombie babies - I thought they were cute, my friend (in the dream) wanted to empty to petri dishes (because evidently that is where you would grow them if you decided to do so and on a cruise liner which was hanging off a cliff no less) and kill them.  I thought they were cute and wanted to keep them.  I remember wondering why the cruise liner was precariously perched on a cliff and not falling off, why we thought it would be an idea to hide on a cruise liner, how the fire that totally stopped the adult zombies from boarding the ship and eating us had got there and why I knew I was dreaming.

I did not, however, wake up and think I could write a story about them.  I just turned over and told Hubby about the dream.  He has since stopped asking what my dreams are about.  Unsurprising really.

I'm not convinced anyone would read a story that I wrote, my dreams tend to be totally out there and I don't think I would have the imagination to spin it out into a book.  Nor do I think that most of the population (or enough to provide me with a nice income) would be able to relate to the world that is my brain.....

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